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Answers to some of your most common questions:

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Yes, we prefer by appointment to minimize your wait time.

Cash, Check, Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. 

Payment is required at the time of service.

Spaying or neutering can be done at approximately 6 months of age. Your pet is given an exam prior to surgery to help determine whether your pet is healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure. Current vaccinations are required at the time of surgery. Also, a pre-anesthetic blood screen is recommended prior to undergoing anesthesia and surgery.

This is a blood test that is run here in the clinic prior to surgery. It tests the organ functions, blood counts, and clotting function of your pet. The pre-anesthetic blood screening is done to assure safety during surgery and the ability to heal following surgery.

Some procedures require suture removal while other procedures use dissolvable sutures. Procedures involving sutures require them to be removed in 7 - 14 days depending on the type of surgery.

No, we do not board. Our receptionists can refer you to a boarding facility in the greater Houston area when you are ready for your next trip!

Our dog kennels are all indoor. The dogs are walked 3 times daily during their stay. Cats are housed in a quiet, separate area, away from the dogs.

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